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Got Snail Mail

A Place to encourage writing snail mail

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Name:Got Snail Mail
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Community description:pen pals, writing letters, snail mail, letters, cards,
Comm info: Welcome! [personal profile] ariestess & [personal profile] red_trillium created this community for the art of staying in touch by snail-mail. We want people to get out pens, paper, postcards, aerograms and/or cards, to write to each other and to post them out. We enjoy getting mail, especially when all it seems we get are bills. Writing is becoming a lost art. Let's revive a dying tradition. You don't have to be prolific, even sending a couple postcards or letters every few weeks will brighten someone's day.

We want the community to be a place to encourage writing. Post pictures of your favorite writing pen or the paper you just picked up. Do you use sealing wax? Stickers? Are you a bare-bones kind of letter writer?

We'll post ideas for topics because we know sometimes it's hard to get started, or sometimes it's hard to know what else to say. Sometimes you just need a little encouragement to keep going.

We do not allow posts asking for pen pals. One of the mods will open a pen pal post, where you can comment to tell people about yourself and request pen pals. We strongly suggest you check out the journal of someone you're interested in writing to before exchanging addresses. As the community is open do not put your address in comments, we suggest exchanging these via PM when you've found a potential pen pal.

Promoting your own items for sale: We want this to be a space that focuses on snail mail and encouraging people to write. While we do want to encourage sharing resources for writing, we don't want this to become only a promo-comm. We'll open a mod post about once a month to allow people to promote their own writing-related goods for sale. We'll tag these so you can search for them.

Rules: Keep it polite. English and grammar won't always be perfect depending on where we are from, our native language and who we are. There will be a lot of different people with different opinions, beliefs and lifestyles in this community. Respect each other's differences. It is fine if you want to find someone to debate with or someone with different opinions to discuss them and expand your understanding but respect that they have their beliefs.

This is a comm to get people interested in writing snail mail. We won't ban someone because they haven't written you. We won't ban someone because their handwriting isn't neat. We will ban someone who is rude, appears to be taking advantage of comm members, who won't listen to the moderators or who is trolling.
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